Product Reviews

As part of my journey into blogging, I am getting into the world of product testing and reviews. With so many fantastic companies out there, promising how their products are going to change your life, I for myself would like to test them out and see how they truly work.

I will be writing up product reviews for small business owners and direct sales consultants for now.

Recently, I was approved to become a paid blogger (cha-ching!) for a company called Blog Meets Brands (you will probably see their logo all over my blog to let you know that I am affiliated with them and work on the campaigns that they will be sending me). However, in the meantime, I’d like to help those in my community.

I will be testing products from It Works! , R+F , Jamberry, Lemongrass, and many more! If the review I write gets you interested in trying the products for yourself, I will include the link to the owners business webpage and contact info!

Keep in mind, most of the time consultants are willing to mail out samples as well to prospective customers who are interested in their products, so keep their info on hand 😉

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