5 Out Of The Norm Summer Activities For Kids

With summer just around the corner, parents are constantly looking for things to do with their kids that are different than the usual “play in the sprinkler”, “go to the zoo”, “have a playdate”. However, most of us struggle doing the same ordinary things over and over and eventually going to the zoo isn’t just as fun anymore.

So here are 5 different fun/educational activities for you to try with your kids this summer!

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter – Most animal shelters will allow children and their parents to visit and help care for animals for the day. This includes grooming, walking the dogs, playing with the animals, feeding, etc.animals
  2. Attend the local splash pad – now this may seem like it’s on every moms brain already, however, you’d be surprised how often I hear other parents say “where’s there a splash pad nearby!?” Most city parks offer splash pads. splashpad    .
  3. Visit a local nature center – Kids can learn about different animals and insects in your community that they’re not familiar with. Often times they are able to go on the trails and pick up different rocks, leaves, etc. as souvenirsdownload.
  4. Attend Movie In The Park- No matter how old the movie showing is, or if it’s even a well-known movie, kids love the idea of setting up a blanket with some snacks and good company to enjoy a movie on the big screen….especially at the park!movie-in-the-park
  5. Visit a Science Center – Kids LOVE hands on attractions and one of the best hands on attractions you can take them to, is a science center! Here in Michigan there are a few great ones, (Michigan Science Center and Ann Arbor Science Center, just to name a few) that won’t completely break the bank! If you check their websites, the often offer discounts and big savings during certain dates/events.ScienceCenter6

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