Because Every 4 Year Old Deserves A Cinderella Cake


I’ve had a certain now-4-year-old ask me for a while if I would make her a Cinderella cake. What better day to do it, than today, the day she turned 4, right?

I’ve been pretty aprehensive about doing such a task because of 3 reasons.

1. I am not Betty Crocker. I can cook up a storm, but baking is not my forte’!

2. It’s very time consuming. With 4 kids running around, making a Cinderella cake isn’t exactly as easy as the Pinterest tutorials and YouTube videos made it seem.

3. I’m 9 months pregnant and our A/C just decided not to work. So working in the kitchen and having the oven on when the house is already 80°, is not my idea of a great time.

I decided to try and make this masterpiece and was positive that it would soon end up on one of Buzzfeed’s top 30 Pinterest Fails; but to my surprise, it actually turned out pretty nice (if I do say so, myself!)


Despite her less than impressed facial expression, she loved it!! She didn’t love the fact that I told her not to touch it, though.

I really wanted to put my effort into this baby so I found an online recipe for a delicious Buttercream Icing and of course the YouTube Tutorial that made it look so simple (it really wasn’t that hard, just time consuming).

At the end of the day, the cake was a success! Not only did it turn out oh so pretty! but it was absolutely delicious too and my 4 year old was one happy princess ❤


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