Why I Love My Saturday Mornings

Most adults love weekends. Weekends usually indicate no work, being able to go out and let your hair down, and sleeping in the next morning. However, as a mom of a small tribe, my weekends do not consist of any of these things. I’m up at the same time every day, which is sometime between 6-7 am.

My Saturday morning events usually play out something like this: 

*kids wake up, start screaming – sometimes screaming because they’re playing and laughing with each other, and other times because they are fighting right from the get-go! 

*kids come running into my room and fight over whose sitting next to me, whose sitting on me, whose laying their head on MY pillow, whose going to sit next to my left leg, whose going to tell me 1 million times in .8 seconds that they want breakfast, whose going to tell me that they want to go outside even though it may be tornado-like conditions outside.

*I get up and make breakfast, try to clean up the aftermath of their early morning atomic bomb that they set off in my living room before they made their way into my room…usually I don’t get to do that because they’re busy dropping food and drinks and everything else on the floor in the kitchen. Or complaining that they didn’t get to sit in the chair they wanted to because their sibling got there before they could.

Now this list may make some wonder, what sane person would love a Saturday morning like that? First off, I’m a mother. My sanity has been gone for some time now. Secondly, I can’t imagine my life without this chaos; although, I’m not opposed to a break here and there 😉

But what I really love about my Saturday mornings is that after breakfast and all the chaos, when I’m able to finally get them to settle down just for a split second, I get to cuddle them. I get to watch them cuddle each other. I get to see them playing nicely and calmly, I get to enjoy their childhood with them. I get to capture the moments that mean the most. Whether it’s with my iPhone camera or my fancier Kodak point and shoot (soon I will invest in a DSLR), having these memories with my kids that I can one day look back on, are what matters most.

I’ve seen Facebook posts about people saying things about how annoying it is when parents constantly post pictures of their kids (don’t get me wrong, the same pose being posted 10 different times is a little overboard) or share every little milestone and detail is annoying and how parents should focus on living in the moment with them rather than capturing it with a phone/camera. But as parents, our children are our lives. Social media is meant for us to share our lives with each other. When I’m older and suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, I won’t remember my Saturday morning chaos with my kids. I won’t remember the trips we took or the things we did or the things my kids say. So, having a blog, having social media and hand written journals and thousands of pictures are what I will have to look back on, when my memory starts to fail me.

Enjoy our children. They are small for only a short period of time. And we are growing older every day.


My son Connor and my daughter Aubrey

6 thoughts on “Why I Love My Saturday Mornings

  1. keepsmeoutofmischief says:

    Lovely! I love Sunday mornings as it’s the only day we have where no one has to get up and leave the house at some ridiculous hour, the kids are allowed to eat breakfast in their onesies and we seem to take hours over breakfast. Sometimes I wake up early enough to sneak a peaceful coffee in before everyone is awake, heaven, but I think I love the commotion more!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. byecomparison says:

    I loved that picture on Instagram — eek, sorry if that’s not where I saw it. I just remember it from somewhere and I remember thinking, that is the kind of photo moms cherish. And then you write (in part) about just that–and I agree whole-heartedly! “My sanity has been gone for a long time now.” Ha! So true for me, too. 🙂


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