That’s Not A Chocolate Brownie, Is It?

A few mornings ago, my day started off something like this:

Aubrey + Kayleigh : MOOOOOMMMM!! There’s a HUGEEEE spider in our room. Please kill it

Me: (Thinking in my head, how wonderful, I hate spiders more than my best friend hates her ex-husband) Where? I’ll get it.

As, I’m in their bedroom killing the world’s tiniest spider ever, my soon to be 2 year old comes running in there with the biggest grin on his face I’ve ever seen.

Me, thinking he’s just being oh so silly and cute didn’t realize that he actually had a message for me.

Connor: (No he doesn’t talk, but his smile said it all) HEY MOM! YOU KNOW HOW YOU JUST CLEANED THE LIVING ROOM AND THE COUCHES? COME LOOK WHAT I DID!

He grabs my hand, and directs me to the living room and gestures toward the couch and starts to laugh and looks at me again with his big grin (he was so proud of himself)

Only for me to realize that what was on my couch, was NOT last nights brownie. Instead it was that mornings floating log..except it wasn’t floating where it was supposed to be.

Is it wine-o’clock yet?

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