Live.Laugh.Drink Wine.

Here in this lovely little section of my blog, I will post the funny and the random blog posts.

Posts about life, love, family, idiots who can’t drive, kids pooping on my couch because going to the toilet was too much of a struggle, husbands (there’s a lot of subtopics on that one), wine and how it has helped my marriage, wine and how it has helped my life in general, etc.

A few topics I will try my very best steer clear of. Some things are just too controversial and I’m not about that life.

These topics would include things such as, “how sleeping on a mattress will cause cancer…so sleep on a cement slab instead”, “how baby-wearing my husband changed our marriage”, “how unfair it is that Tar-jaaayyy (Target) doesn’t sell stickers for me to put on my 265 month old daughter” and the sort.

Look for new posts under this subheading at least once if not twice a week 🙂

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